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 UNPAID POSITION in Calhan, Colorado


Are you looking to get your foot in the door with flower farming and/or vegetable gardening, but don’t have the resources to do so just yet? Well, we have all the resources you may need, but with a toddler and a second child due this summer, we don’t have the time to be out in the garden much this season, but would love for our farm’s resources to be utilized.

The garden space could encompass up to 1/4 acre (10,890sqft). We currently have (1) 96ft x 20ft 4-season high tunnel that is 1,920sqft, with another identical high tunnel scheduled to be erected in 2019. The existing high tunnel has Garden Mats weed barrier already installed that has pre-drilled holes. There are different mats with different hole spacing and hole diameters for different varieties of flowers/veggies to be grown in. Each greenhouse will also have irrigation already installed.

High tunnels are NRCS EQIP funded and therefore no marijuana/hemp/or related plants may be grown in them. Garden space includes unlimited use of water and associated electricity. We have established legal water rights.

There is also a 20ft x 30ft unfinished propagation greenhouse that may be completed and available to use as well. We have a tractor, skid loader with access to a grass seed drill and tiller, a front end loader, all the manure from every genre of farm animal that you could ever need, some garden tools, seeds, an established presence at the local farmers market, and pride in our farm/property that will always keep us vested in it.

Lease is $0.10/sqft used per month which may be negotiable in exchange for work-trade on the farm. Seasonal living accommodations (in a large camper) may be on option. This is an UNPAID position, but you keep all the profits you make from your sales minus the monthly lease for the garden space.

Just FYI, a local produce farm about 2 miles from us is able to grow year round using high tunnels. There is abundant potential for this garden space.

There may be a possibility of partnership if this season is successful. We love our farm and the space we have developed, and would really like for someone to help us continue moving our garden space in the direction we want it to go without having to sacrifice time spent with our children while they are young.


Farm to Vase



Did you know that the U.S. imports around 80% of flowers sold and that 45% of all flowers grown for sale are discarded before they are ever sold! Additionally most customers don't know the origins of their flowers or how they were grown? In contrast, Heritage Belle Farms focuses on cultivating relationships with local, Pikes Peak Area clients and on ensuring that the customers we serve understand where and how their flowers are produced while reducing flower waste. We believe that developing a strong, resilient community of small-scale producers is essential to a thriving local economy. We also believe that "fresh is best." Focusing on local outlets allows us to limit the time our blooms spend in storage and/or transit, which in turn helps us to supply customers with flowers that are as fresh and as beautiful as possible.


Inspired by other "Slow" movements, the Slow Flower movement encourages us to make a conscious choice regarding what flowers we buy, where we buy them and who we buy them from.  At Heritage Belle Farms, we have chosen to grow seasonally appropriate flowers, focusing on small-scale production that emphasizes on resource conservation, which contributes in a small way to the renaissance of the American Grown Cut Flower industry. We want the people we serve to know who grew their flowers, and where and how those flowers were grown.

Want to join the Local Flower Movement and support a Local Grower?  Here are a couple ways you can support us. 


Flower Bar

Unfortunately we won’t be a participating vendor at Colorado Farm & Art Markets 2019 summer season, but we hope to be back the following year better than ever and ready to assist you in building your own bouquet at our Flower Bar. Flowers are sold by the stem to accommodate any budget. Or create a beautiful gourmet salad by selecting your choice of mixed baby greens and edible flowers. 

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Bouquet Subscription

Adorning your home, office, and events with fresh flowers creates a celebratory mood and connects our human experiences to the natural world. 

4-week Subscription (every other week): $100  Four freshly made bouquets filled with seasonal flowers from our farm, spread out over eight weeks.

6-week Subscription (every week): $135  Six freshly made bouquets filled with seasonal flowers from our farm, every week for six weeks.

8-week Subscription (every week): $160             Eight freshly made bouquets filled with seasonal flowers from our farm, every week for eight weeks.  

2-week Add-on Subscription: $45               Cant get enough of our flowers, but there's not enough time left in the season to order another subscription, no problem, you can add-on two more weeks to your subscription.

Free on-farm pickup or pick-up at the farmers market. 

Bucket subscription

Do you own or manage a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, or bar that you'd like to create an ambiance for, where people appreciate dining out? Discover how locally grown flowers can create an atmosphere of luxury and style.

Our farm-fresh flowers are hand cut from the farm on or the day before the day of delivery, ensuring the utmost freshness and bloom life. 

Bucket will include 60 stems; two varieties of flowers and one variety of greenery that pair well together. Stems will be prepped so all you'll need to do is trim to your desired height. 

4-week Subscription (every week): $120

6-week Subscriptions (every week): $180

8-week Subscription (every week): $240

2-week Add-on Subscription: $60

Free on-farm pickup or pick-up at the farmers market. 

flower varieties we grow

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Alliums (garlic, chives), Anise Hyssop, Basil, Borage, Calendula/Marigold, Carnation/Dianthus, Cilantro/Coriander, Clover, Cornflower/Bachelor Button, Gladiola, Johnny Jump-ups/Tri-color Viola, Lavender, Lilac, Mint, Naturtium, Oregano, Pansy, Rosemary, Sage, Scarlet Runner Bean, Squash Blossoms, Sunflower, Thyme, Violet, Yucca

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Albion Black Pod, Baby's Breath, Bachelor Button, Bells of Ireland, Black Tip Wheat, Broomcorn Miller, Calendula, Celosia, Chinese Forget-me-not, Chocolate Lace Flower, Columbine, Coreposis/Tickseed, Cosmos, Craspedia/Sun Ball, Cress, Daffodils, Dahlia, Decorative Cabbage/Kale, Didiscus, Dill, Echinacea, Eryngium, Gazania, Gladiolas, Honeywort/Cerinthe, Larkspur, Lavender, Marigold, Mexican Sunflower/Tithonia, Painted Daisy, Poppy, Ranunculus, Salvia, Scabiosa/Starflower, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Sweet Pea, Tickseed, Tulip, Violets/Pansy, Yarrow, Zinnia

shop for flowers

How to get our Flowers

For bouquet and bucket subscriptions, you will be prompted to choose the option you wish to receive your subscription once you have added the subscription to your shopping cart. You can always contact us to change or make a different arrangement to receive your subscription. We will also contact you or the recipient weekly to remind them about your subscription. 

Once farmers market season starts, for cut and edible flowers, you can visit our booth at the Colorado Farm & Art Market every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm hosted by the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, or visit our booth at the Colorado Farm & Art Market every other Saturday from 9am-1pm, hosted by the Margarita at Pine Creek. Please be sure to check our event calendar to double check the Saturdays that we will be at the CFAM. 

Once edible and gourmet salad mixes are available, there will be a purchasing option above ↑. Those items will also be available for delivery, farm pickup and farmers market pickup. 

CSA/Farmers market pickup

Place your order anytime before Tuesday at noon for Wednesday CFAM market pick-up.

Wednesdays: 3pm-7:00pm    Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum 215 S. Tejon Street Colorado Springs June 13-October 10

Please see our event calendar to double check farmers market dates

farm pickup

Place your order and we’ll follow up with you to schedule a time to pickup at the farm.               

22755 E Garrett Rd  Calhan, CO 80808


We offer farm door-to-front door delivery service to the Colorado Springs area. No need to be home! Just leave a cooler and payment at your front door, and we'll drop off your order.If you live in the Colorado Springs Area, you can receive Door-to-Door Delivery, but you must be pre-qualified before signing up for this option.  Please E-mail us to determine if your location qualifies - Fee of $5.00 per delivery, or free delivery with $20 minimum order.

Please see our event calendar to double check delivery dates.

Pollinator & Beneficial Friendly

We love our pollinators and beneficial insects! With many of our beneficial pollinators and insects suffering the effects of habitat loss and pesticide use, having environments that support a diverse selection of flowering plants is ever more important. At Heritage Belle Farms, we make sure that we grow a wide variety of flowers that are attractive and useful to pollinators of all kinds. 

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