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We have pork available year round.  We are able to breed, farrow, and raise pigs naturally outdoors through all the seasons. Bacon, bacon ends, ham, ham steaks, and ham hocks are available fresh or cured (smoked) without the use of MSG, nitrites or nitrates.

We raise heritage red wattle pigs because they seem to do very well in Colorado. The red wattle's color is similar to that of Colorado's wildlife, such as deer and elk; and which, unlike black colored pigs, helps to keep the breed cooler in warm temperatures (pigs can't sweat), and the coarse hair helps to protect against sunburn, that some of the pink pigs can encounter; and their hair grows longer in the winter, which keeps them warmer in colder temperatures. To help protect our delicate short grass prairie ecosystem, our pigs predominately free range in their very large pens in the spring and early summer and are pasture raised and rotated through a cover crop garden in the fall and winter.  

A little about the breed…

“The Red Wattle hog is a large, red hog with a fleshy, decorative, wattle attached to each side of its neck that has no known function. The origin and history of the Red Wattle breed is considered scientifically obscure, though many different ancestral stories are known. One theory is that the French colonists brought the Red Wattle Hogs to the United States from New Caledonia Island off the coast of Australia in the late 1700’s. As they adapted well to the land, the Red Wattle quickly became a popular breed in the US.

Unfortunately, as settlers moved west, the breed began to fall out of favor because settlers came into contact with breeds that boasted a higher fat content, which was important for lard and soap. Red Wattles were left to roam the hills of eastern Texas, where they were hunted to near extinction, until Mr. H.C. Wengler came across a herd in the dense forest and began breeding them into what they are today. Five year later, in a similar incident, Robert Prentice located another herd of Red Wattle hogs, which became known as the Timberline herd, after its wooded origins in eastern Texas.

Red Wattle hogs are known for their hardiness, foraging activity, and rapid growth rate. The sows are excellent mothers, who labor litters of 9-10 piglets, and provide good quantities of milk for their large litters. They adapt well to a wide range of climates, making them a good choice for consideration in outdoor or pasture-based swine production.

Red Wattle pork is exceptionally lean and juicy with a rich beef-like taste and texture.

The Red Wattle hog is listed on the ALBC Conservation Priority List as being critically endangered meaning there are fewer than 200 annual registrations in the U.S. and estimated to have fewer than 2,000 individuals of this breed globally.” -

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HOW TO GET OUR heritage pork

For bulk shares, including 1/2 & whole, we will contact you often with details regarding your purchase, including date of butcher, cut sheets (if applicable), and when you can expect your pork to be available for pickup. 

Once farmers market season starts, for sausage and individual cuts, you can visit our booth at the Colorado Farm & Art Market every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm hosted by the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, or visit our booth at the Colorado Farm & Art Market every other Saturday from 9am-1pm, hosted by the Margarita at Pine Creek. Please be sure to check our event calendar to double check the Saturdays that we will be at the CFAM. 

If sausage and individual cuts are available, there will be a purchasing option above ↑. Those items will also be available for delivery, farm pickup and farmers market pickup. 


Place your order anytime before Tuesday at noon for Wednesday CFAM market pick-up or Friday at noon for (every other) Saturday CFAM pick-up. 

Wednesdays:      3pm-6:30pm    Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum 215 S. Tejon Street Colorado Springs June 13-October 10

Every other Saturday:          9am-1pm            The Margarita at Pine Creek         7350 Pine Creek Rd Colorado Springs June 16-October 13

Please see our event calendar to double check farmers market dates


Place your order and we’ll follow up with you to schedule a time to pickup at the farm.                 

22755 E Garrett Rd  Calhan, CO 80808


We offer farm door-to-front door delivery service to the Colorado Springs area. No need to be home! Just leave a cooler and payment at your front door, and we'll drop off your order.If you live in the Colorado Springs Area, you can receive Door-to-Door Delivery, but you must be pre-qualified before signing up for this option.  Please E-mail us to determine if your location qualifies - Fee of $5.00 per delivery, or free delivery with $20 minimum order.


Our on-farm store is in the works! But until its open, please take advantage of our farm door-to-front door delivery or take a little drive to pick up at the farm.

Get Heritage Belle Farms, '6 Tips for Cooking Tender Grassfed Meat' for FREE
+ recipes and stories from the farm