2-ply Classic Navajo-Churro Weaving Warp

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2-ply Classic Navajo-Churro Weaving Warp


Tapetes de Lana, Mora Mill, Mora, NM (nonprofit mini-mill) spun strong classic Dine' (Navajo) weaving warp.

Cream white 100% Churro warp yarns:
-- 2-ply "classic" Navajo-Churro weaving warp.

Approx. 864 yards per pound (ypp) @ $3.805/oz.

4-ounce ball: $15.22 ($16.00 with tax)

8-ounce ball: $30.43 ($32.00 with tax)

12-ounce ball: $45.65 ($48.00 with tax)

1-pound ball: $60.87 ($64.00 with tax)

This mini-mill has a unique and special ability -- the knowledge to understand and produce highest-quality machine-spun yarn from long-staple premium Navajo-Churro fleece. Yield has run so far at about 65%-70% from the raw fleece.

*Note: all efforts are made to keep the fleece clean, but inevitably, due to the nature of our dry landscapes and our sheep’s natural behavior, there is vegetable matter in the fiber.

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