Quarter Beef Deposit

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Quarter Beef Deposit


Heritage Belle Farms AGA Certified Grassfed Texas Longhorn cattle play an important role in our holistic planned rotational grazing model. Our cattle roam unconfined in our pastures, grazing the native Colorado grasses, and are never fed or treated with antibiotics or steroids. Our cattle are AGA Certified 100% Grassfed and grass-finished, USDA harvested and hand butchered.

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Quarter/Split Side of beef is restricted to our "Classic Variety Cut" Package

Our butcher, Ted Baker Meats, does not allow custom cut orders for any bulk beef orders smaller than a half/side of beef and does not allow substitutions for this package. The following is what you can expect in a quarter/split side of beef:

• Rib Steaks 3/4 inch thick 2 per package
• Bone-In Chuck Roasts 3-4 lbs. 
• 1 Boneless Arm Roast 3-4 lbs. 
• 1/2 of the Brisket
• Short Ribs 4 per package
• Stew Meat in 1 pound packages
• T-Bone Steaks 3/4 inch thick 2 per package
• 1 package of Tenderloin Steak 3/4 inch thick (the rest of the tenderloin is on the T-Bone) 
• Boneless Sirloin Steaks 3/4 inch thick 1 per package
• Boneless Sirloin Tip Steaks 3/4 inch thick 1 per package
• Round Steak 3/4 inch thick 1 per package
• Boneless Rump Roasts 3-4 lbs. 
• Each Split Side will have either a Flank Steak or a Tri-Tip Roast in their order (there is only 1 of each per side of any beef) 
• Ground Beef in 1 pound packages (at least 90% lean)

**A $10 handling fee is added to all split side/quarter of beef orders due to the level of complexity.**

Offal Notice:
Offal must be requested at time of slaughter by the grower. Please let us know if you would like any of the offal.  
If you wish to keep the all-fall, a $10 handling fee will be assessed. 
Ted Baker Meat Processes has no control over offal and cannot provide it if it is requested too late.